1972 1800E

1972 1800E in SAN DIEGO

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1800E for sale in British Columbia - 1972 1800E GOLD ADVERT AND CONDITION REPORT PDF here >>>

I have a 1972 Volvo 1800E in San Diego, that I have owned since 2013. This
document is a advertisement for sale of the car. It also includes an ownership history
and detailed condition report. I would appreciate it if you would forward the
document to anyone who might be interested in the car. I am in San Diego until
May 14, 2018 and can be reached at 1-619-414-0873. After May 14 I will be in
British Columbia and can be reached at 1-604-469-1216 My email in both locations
is grmorris@shaw.ca The car is kept in San Diego. Thanks.
FOR SALE: 1972 VOLVO 1800E - US$27,544