VEC up North

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Was an absolutely beautiful day, weather perfect, although up as far a Blackpool turning off M6 was lots of fog.

Well to start at Rheged, had 3 cars turn up Graeme and wife from Lockerbie with 121, Dave ? and wife with red 144S and me with ST 1. We were then joined my a lovely red 245GL from Co Durham who joined the club there. He and his wife had limited time so only the 3 of us travelled down past Ulleswater to Kirksone Pass and Kirkstone In for lunch.

A lovely meal, and good chat and time to go.

Others had left when 2 more Volvo's arrived another 120 and an 1800. They had missed us at Rheged and thought we would be gone from Kirkstone Inn so were just passing.

Took them all into Inn and had an Hot Chocolate with them. They were members but don't remember their names but they enjoyed the day and were sorry they were late getting to Rheged and missed us.

So in the end we had 6 cars. Not the best turn out but considering it was listed in last magazine 3 months ago and not on Club Homepage (forgot to remind Trevor) plus it's end of season, it was ok.

One thiing is certain, everyone missed a beautiful, perfect Autumn day in the lakes.

120 140 and 1800 at Rheged120 140 and 1800 at Rheged 245GL from Co Durham245GL from Co Durham A clear day up north!A clear day up north! October 2014 October 2014 71 DXC Rheged Penrith71 DXC Rheged Penrith 66 77 and no bad rainfall!and no bad rainfall!