STOLEN Volvo 240 Estate (Torslanda) K441KYD

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Dave Stadden received this below from an anguished member:

STOLEN Volvo 240  Estate (Torslanda) K441KYD from Taunton area

Dear Members

Sorry for this pitch out of the blue. My mother has just had her Volvo 240
Estate (Torslanda) stolen from her house, near Taunton, Somerset. She was
widowed three weeks ago, and we think the burglars saw the death notice in the
paper and decided to strike. She lives on her own in the middle of nowhere, no
neighbours in sight, so this is quite traumatic for her.

This isn't just a sob story! I'm just writing to ask kindly if you would keep an
eye out for anyone trying to offload a silver Torslanda, registration, K441KYD.
I'd be really grateful. The police captured it on camera being driven away
towards Taunton, but we have no information beyond that.

I'm keeping my eye on second hand dealers in case something pops up. If you've
any advice about what a thief might do with a Torslanda, I'd be grateful to hear
it! If you can circulate this notice to members of the Volvo Enthusiasts Club,
even, that would be fantastic. I've just managed to get a chassis number from my mother: it was 942425. Engine number 001004 if that's of any use, too.
Seats were blue cloth. Slight damage on some sort of electrical box on the back, near tow-bar.
Much obliged to everyone - I'd love to catch the lowlife who did this, though don't hold out much hope. It would make one little old lady feel a bit safer if anything did come of it, though.

Many thanks for reading this far.


William Whitehead

11, Marsh Baldon,
Oxford OX44 9LW
01865 340931