Volvo's at Beamish!

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BEAMISH MEETING-----October 5th 2013  

This year we had warmer weather and the usual turn out of friends We did miss Geoff and Gillian Naylor in their P1800—The pic shows Five vehicles ---- the unusual one being the Volvo Pick up of Colin Hughes—and a general shot of the Beamish Village All in all Beamish was at its usual interesting best with some more attractions having been added  You can’t see it all in a Day---They are collecting 1950 household items-- this for other attractions  to be built in the village  It was good that the effort was made to meet up and this resulted in the usual banter and laughter we have come to expect at these dos. Colin and Robert took themselves off to another local car museum on the Sat evening --small but never the less nice to see yesteryears items being preserved --Gives me hope for my old age ---Planning next year already – as we have a new re-launch of the Magazine via Kevin Price and Gillian Witten ---we need to tell folk of what we are doing—so you all can put these events in your Diary.-- Those of you who read this please make some suggestions of when and where you would like to meet next year----Thanks Russ

Hello there!Hello there! Beautiful BeamishBeautiful Beamish