The R W Thomson Memorial Rally Aberdeen 30th June 2013

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Gordon Woodham our newly elected Northern Scottish Representative had organised an entry to the rally He worked hard in giving directions/information and places to stay. So thanks for that. Not knowing anything about the show other than his say so -- three of us set off to join him-- Me in my 1970 –145-- Graeme and Leslie Muir in their 1967 Amazon 131 and Dave and Heather Wilson in their 1969 -140
The show itself was well supported from the Harry Potter Anglia through most makes of British cars –and Motor cycles --American cars and a military vehicle We also had the usual Agricultural representation and stationery engines—So as you can a imagine very in keeping with the local interest of the area
The oldest vehicle was a 1913 Model T ---Our pitch was marked out and we joined Gordon in his 1990 240 GLT So our Volvo Enthusiast Club was represented with four vehicles through the ages The whole site was beautifully situated in the middle of Stonehaven with the usual stalls and burger bar—and the rain held off!!!!
Also what was interesting we gave out three membership forms to prospective folk Iain Mitchell who had a P1800 and a Volvo engine Marcus Another David Jones who had a P1800 and spares for sale This was on show and the third was to the chairman of the day Robert Duncan also has a Volvo—Now Robert has invited us back for next year and has given me permission to use some of the wording from the events program and this makes interesting reading as follows—
“What is the R.W.Thomson Fellowship and why a Rally?
Well simple answer is --that R.W.Thomson invented, among other things, pneumatic tyres, and the vast majority of cars use them. Being a local lad it seems appropriate to hold a car rally in his name. Contrary to what was popular belief Dunlop was not the inventor of pneumatic tyre. He produced a tyre for bicycles in 1888 and applied for a patent, however two years after his application --it was confirmed by the Patent Office that Thomson was the originator of the pneumatic tyre, which he produced and patented on December 10th 1845
Robert William Thomson was a prolific inventor --inventing and patenting a number of other useful items. Some dozen or so can be seen under Thomson British patents list He was also the originator of the washing machine—His important contributions to modern transport including the Road Steamer and solid rubber tyres should be more widely acknowledged. Thomson should no longer be “the forgotten genius”
Thank you to Robert Duncan for allowing me to quote from the Events Program and another thank you to Gordon for selecting such a good event-Our first into the Northern Scottish part of the UK
All in all a good trip
Thank you for your company ---Russ Evans Northern Representative VEC

photo by Dave Wilsonphoto by Dave Wilson photo by Dave Wilsonphoto by Dave Wilson Aberdeen meetAberdeen meet