Volvo PV 831

Volvo PV 831

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It is a 1954 Volvo PV 831 Taxi that I bought about 20 years ago from a Swedish gentleman in Virginia.  I had it painted just after I bought it, and used it to take the kids to ice cream shops after dinner for the first couple of years.  It sat unused for about the last 10 years.  I put new batteries in it last month, and it fired right up.  It drives and stops perfectly.  The under carriage is perfect.  The paint job needs refreshing, the headliner needs replacing, so it is not a show car at the moment, but certainly not a barn find. It's a very easy restoration.
The sign on the rear bumper is the commercial permission number for the Swedish town of Varnamo (about 2 hrs southeast of Gotenburg) last worked as a taxi in the mid 1970's.  At the time of my purchase, it was the only one in USA, and one of only 26 units left in Sweden of 4135 made.
3.7 liters 6 cylinder flathead engine at 90 bhp
3 speed column shift

I'll accept 10,000 USD, for the car delivered to the buyers nearest port.

It is here at my house in Minnesota (USA), but have a quote by a specialty firm that would ship it from my house to an EU port in an enclosed container for about 2000$US.

Mike Wengler

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