Amazon 2L

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1965 Amazon for sale, asking price 16000eur, restored to original condition or so. No rust with a 2000cc engine comlete overhauled. The price includes two 1800cc engines and two 4-speed  transmissions in working order. A number of various other parts are also included in the price. Car is in Greec buyer assumes the cost of transportation. Check Euro m price to Sterling.
Simon Gimas

1965 with 2000cc engine1965 with 2000cc engine 2000cc engine overhauled2000cc engine overhauled LHD car in GreeceLHD car in Greece restored to original conditionrestored to original condition 4 door4 door two spare 1800cc engines two spare 1800cc engines 1965 Amazon1965 Amazon 2000cc engine overhauled2000cc engine overhauled two 4-speed  transmissions in working ordertwo 4-speed transmissions in working order